GoVelope Pro Special Edition Baker® Original Plaid

$ 40.00
GoVelope Pro Special Edition Baker® Original Plaid

THE WAIT IS OVER! The first GoVelope® Pro Special Edition has arrived, and… and… and… IT’S A BAKER®. (Swoon.) We’re a *little* excited, but from the folks we’ve talked to about this project, well… seems like our excitement has good company. The only teeny-tiny bad bit of news is that we did a very limited run, and it’s available only here. So if you love it like we do (or know someone who would love it as a gift), then we suggest you click that ‘add to cart’ button and buy it now. Really.

The GoVelope® Pro Special Edition Baker® Original Plaid is at heart a true Pro mobile phone case. Made in the USA of waterproof neoprene, it features a watertight zipper, and a no-slip backing to keep it securely in place against your pants or breeches between two belt loops (an extension strap is included for pants without belt loops). The only difference is that the front panel is the legendarily durable Baker® turnout fabric, and all materials are colorfast and mold/mildew resistant. The pouch is large enough to fit the largest smartphone (Samsung Galaxy®) with a bulky protective case (such as the Otterbox®). It’s not immersion-proof, as the seams are not sealed, but it’s officially water-resistant and weatherproof, highly suitable for exercising in the rain, hosing off horses and equipment, etc. Although we can’t warranty immersion, if you take a quick dunking (such as falling off in the water jump) there’s a high probability your phone will survive. (Even if your ego doesn’t.)

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  • To remain “Made in the USA”. We know this will be difficult, as some materials just aren’t available in the USA, and other roadblocks exist. We will continue to exhaust every avenue to stay true to this, in support of American jobs and quality.
  • To give back through support of key charities like those supporting pediatric cancer and breast cancer research.

Contact Us:   toll free: 855-464-4339


Patent US 9,320,345 B2; Date of Patent April 26, 2016

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