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Jeremy Newton

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Elisa Wallace has been involved with horses her entire life. Both her parents are involved in horses: her father is an avid event rider and trainer, and her mother bred and raised young horses. Known for both her talent as an event rider with her string of talented horses, as well as her connection with her mustangs through challenges such as Mustang Millionand and Extreme Mustang Makeover, it’s safe to say Elisa knows “how to speak horse.” You can see here featured frequently around our site, sporting her GoVelope as she rides her two mustangs, and you also may have seen her...


  • Go, Easier® - We want you to do what you want to do, we just want to make it easier to go do it.  So get out there and ride, hike, bike, and generally be out in the world enjoying it, and especially from the back of a horse.
  • To remain “Made in the USA”. We know this will be difficult, as some materials just aren’t available in the USA, and other roadblocks exist. We will continue to exhaust every avenue to stay true to this, in support of American jobs and quality.
  • To give back through support of key charities like those supporting pediatric cancer and breast cancer research.

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